Let's talk WINE. I'm going to be frank, there are few things I enjoy more than cooking with a glass of vino in hand , a great playlist in the background, and perhaps a well placed candle or two to set the mood. The kitchen in my 160 year old home has this floor to ceiling corner bookshelf that's jam packed with cookbooks. Each one is filled with memories of mouth watering dinners shared with friends, where multiple bottles of wine were consumed and laughs lasted WAY past my bedtime (I have a toddler who likes to wake up EARLY!). Red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkly wine, I don't think I've met one I don't like, which is why I'm so excited to introduce our latest product... THE MCQUEEN.




When it comes to wine racks there are MANY options to fit your fancy. I've always shied away from the wine "display" rack as they were either too traditional or a bit tacky for my taste. If I'm going to display something I want a little more drama, go big or go home, which is why we designed THE MCQUEEN. A functional piece of wine rack art, the industrial lines of hand forged steel paired with the beautiful curve of suspended glass bottles is a match made in wine lovers heaven.




We were trying to name this beauty but were stumped, nothing seemed to click. There's inspiration and a story behind all of our product names, so we dug a little deeper to find something that fit.





Steve McQueen; ruggedly handsome, loved to indulge in life's pleasures, the "King of Cool", and a name that rolls off the tongue like a 1988 Chateauneuf-du-Pape... perfect fit!




Why stop at one when you can create a whole wine cellar? Each wine rack holds up to ten bottles of your favourite wine or champagne, and comes in a seamless powder coated black or gold finish. Fit multiple MCQUEEN wine racks above your wet bar or stack them to fit the full length of your wall.




Wether your a master sommelier or just an all round wine drinking enthusiast like myself, a wine rack that celebrates the beauty and simplicity of the bottle while bringing a modern, industrial feel to your space is a win win in my books!