With the one year anniversary of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic behind us, I think its safe to say we’ve gotten more than acquainted with our homes. Home has taken on a whole new role in all of our lives; its our office, our date night destination, our children’s playground and school, our gym, our refuge, the list goes on. Being forced to do all of our “living” within the confines of our homes has come with a price, or shall we say price tag?


The big word this year is RENOVATION. We’re all investing to improve our quality of life, and for most of us, this means home improvement. With the cost of building materials, especially lumber, at an all time high, a full scale renovation can be double, even triple the cost of what you expect. Luckily, one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to update your space is to use shelf brackets to create open shelving or floating shelves in your space. This small, un invasive "mini reno" can have a huge impact, particularly in the kitchen.



Open shelving with shelf brackets can help you easily revamp your space and showcase pieces that tell the story of you- extra storage and organization is a bonus! Check out our JAE brackets featured in the picture above!


Don't assume you have to add a ton of shelves to make an impact. A few well placed shelves will make a significant impact in your space.



 Lets talk ART. Whether you're going for drama or trying to add character to your space, open shelving and floating shelving offers a perfect platform to display your pieces. 

Functional design never goes out of style. The ability to change decor and update your shelf aesthetic with minimal damage to the purse strings are only a few of the many advantages open shelving and floating shelving have to offer.
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